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Whiteabbey Primary School, Newtownabbey

We Need You! Curriculum Information Sessions for Parents - Friday 20th October 2017

9th Oct 2017

Parents’ Curriculum Information Session (not meetings!)

We are holding parental information sessions on Friday 20th October. These sessions are designed to support our parents. They will explain learning in the school day as well as going over the most important aspects of literacy and numeracy for the year. It is also to give parents the opportunity to ask the teacher questions about the curriculum and classroom activities. It is not designed to be a 1 to 1 meeting as the parent meetings are being held the next week. One of the views expressed by some parents in the recent questionnaire was that they would like to given opportunity to be more involved in school life. Here is a great opportunity for that! The teachers and assistants will be devoting a lot of time and energy to prepare the sessions so that you benefit as much as possible, so it would be much appreciated if you could attend. If these prove successful we will hold more specific workshops later in the year. This is about us supporting you as together we aim for your child to improve more and more!

Times – Please arrive promptly so as not to miss important information.

Years 2 & 3 9:30 – 10:15 am

Years 4 & 5 10:15 – 11 am

Years 6 & 7 11 – 11:45 am